Tuesday, 30 June 2015

4 days and counting until The Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland launches on Kickstarter

It's quite common for Kickstarter projects to come with rewards for Early Bird backers. Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland doesn't have that, but it does have some very limited rewards that fans of gamebooks in particular are sure to want to grab before anyone else does.

For example, fans of vampires or Warhammer should check out the RED QUEEN reward (limited to 10 backers):

And then there's the MAD HATTER reward for all the Alice fans and cosplayers out there (also limited to 10 backers):

But possibly most exciting of all for gamebook fans, there's the DODO (not quite an Early Bird) pledge level (limited to 20 backers):

Well, I say most exciting, but there are a couple more... But you'll just have to wait until the Kickstarter launches on Saturday to find out what they are*. ;-)

So remember to set your alarm for 1.00pm BST on Saturday 4th July.

* Just like you'll have to wait a little longer to find out what a QUEEN OF HEARTS pledge gets you.

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