Monday, 1 February 2016

Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu has funded on Kickstarter!

Thank you, to everyone, who has backed the Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu Kickstarter, blogged about it, retweeted my tweets, liked my Facebook posts, and generally supported the project.
The Kickstarter ran for 43 days and in the end attracted 219 backers, raising 126% of its original funding goal, meaning that it will include some illustrations. 

We didn't quite make the second Stretch Goal, but once the dust has settled I will have another look at the figures and see what I can do.
Now the hard work really begins, for the contributing authors and myself at least, but the good news is that a number of stories are already finished. 
But for now... To sleep, perchance to dream...
"The rest is silence." ~ Hamlet, Hamlet.

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