Saturday, 23 December 2017

Short Story Saturday: 2017 Anthologies

Since 2015, I have compiled and edited three short story anthologies - SHARKPUNK, GAME OVER and Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu. I was also supposed to edit another one, SHARKPUNK 2, in 2017 but unfortunately the Kickstarter campaign I ran to fund the project didn't gain any traction. However, I did contribute to three other anthologies as an author, this year.

The first of these came out in June, and was Clockwork Cairo, an anthology of steampunk stories that all had some connection to Egypt. My own contribution was a brand-new Ulysses Quicksilver story called Worthless Remains.

Next up was Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Tales of the Lost Isles, which came out in October to support the release of Osprey Games' tabletop wargame of the same name. My story is entitled A Nice Little Nest Egg and writing it felt a bit like writing another Badenov's Band adventure.

Following close on the heels of Tales of the Lost Isles was Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes, which features my first published Sherlock Holmes short story, Sherlock Holmes and the Beast of Bodmin.

I've enjoyed getting back into writing short fiction (as opposed to coffee table pop culture histories or choose your path adventure gamebooks) and have also completed another short story this year that will see print in 2018. (I have two more commissions to complete over the coming months too.)

On top of that, I've finally got around to writing the first in what I hope will become an ongoing series of short stories that go by the umbrella name of Scrooge and Marley (Deceased)Scrooge and Marley (Deceased): The Haunted Man is available now as an eBook from Green Man Books and is the perfect chilling Christmas read.

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