Friday, 5 October 2018

Gamebook Friday: Beowulf Beastslayer is live on Kickstarter

As many of you are no doubt already aware, my latest ACE Gamebook is currently funding on Kickstarter.*

In Beowulf Beastslayer, you take on the role of the eponymous hero Beowulf himself. You decide which path to take, which risks to brave, and even which of the strange creatures you will meet along the way to engage in battle.

Whether you survive your quest and rise to the level of lauded hero, and maybe even king, or succumb to the likes of the monster Grendel and his sea-hag mother, will be down to the choices YOU make.

I am delighted to report that Beowulf Beastslayer will be illustrated by Fantasy gamebook art legend Russ Nicholson. His portraiture and attention to detail - not to mention his undisputed skill at drawing caves! - make him the ideal illustrator to bring the world of 6th century Denmark to life.

If you back the Kickstarter at the HERO level or above, before 1:00pm today (Friday 5th October) you can also nab some rather special rewards, which, after that time, will go up in price.

So, if you've not already done so, check out Beowulf Beastslayer now, please tell all your friends too, and I'll see you again in the land of the Danes!

* As of 8:30am on Friday 5th October, the Kickstarter had 130 backers and was 86% funded in just under 4 days.

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