Sunday, 19 June 2011

David Gemmell Awards

The David Gemmell Legend Award 2011 was held are the Magic Circle in London on Friday night* and I'm pleased to say that the Morningstar Award for Best Newcomer was won by Darius Hinks for Warrior Priest, which is published by Black Library.

When I read the book it reminded me in places of myself early on in my career (the bits about my early books I actually liked), only of course in others places it was much, much better.

So congratulations, Darius. I'm pleased to say that I contributed to Darius' success in my own small way as well - I voted for Warrior Priest.

That's two out of two for the Black Library as well, as Graham McNeill won the Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel last year with Empire. What with award winning titles in their back catalogue and New York Times bestsellers on their books, maybe it's time I wrote another novel for the mighty Black Library...

* I gotta get along there myself one year.

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Jonathan Green said...

You can read more about Darius's experiences of the Gemmell Awards - and check out some great photos - at his blog here: