Wednesday, 6 July 2011

House of Fear - line-up announced

In other news...

Editor extreme Jonathan Oliver has announced the finished line-up of authors and stories appearing in his brand new House of Fear anthology.

And here it is...

Objects in Dreams may be Closer than they Appear - Lisa Tuttle
Pied-a-terre - Stephen Volk
In The Absence of Murdock - Terry Lamsley
Driving The Milky Way - Weston Ochse
The Windmill - Rebecca Levene
Moretta - Garry Kilworth
Hortus Conclusus - Chaz Brenchley
The Dark Space in The House in The House in The Garden at The Centre of The World - Robert Shearman
The Muse of Copenhagen - Nina Allan
An Injustice - Christopher Fowler
The Room Upstairs - Sarah Pinborough
Villanova - Paul Meloy
Widow's Weeds - Christopher Priest
The Doll's House - Jonathan Green
Inside/Out - Nicholas Royle
The House - Eric Brown
Trick of The Light - Tim Lebbon
What Happened to Me - Joe R. Lansdale

Yes, that's right. You're not seeing things. I am in there at number 15 with The Doll's House. To find out more you'll just have to wait until October, when the book will be released by Solaris Books in time for some horrible Halloween telling of terrible tales.

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