Friday, 22 July 2011

The Spider God Cometh...

... via our house, or so it seems. Its minions are everywhere. Small daughter captured a juicy one with her bug hunting kit yesterday, our wardrobe's full of webs(!), and I was bitten by one in bed - I kid you not!

I've been working on fine-tuning the text and gameplay for Temple of the Spider God this week and have been getting excited all over again about this project (which I first commenced on sixteen months ago.

Spider God now has its own theme tune, background track and battles music, it's got thirty full colour illustrations and its own animated title screen*. That, I think everyone is agreed, is pretty damn cool! Have no fear, as soon as I can show you any of the above, I will!

* Arachnophobes be warned - the animation of the spiders (at least ten of them at the last count, and of varying sizes) is very life-like.

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