Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Simon Spurrier: A Serpent Uncoiled

Occasionally, dear blog reader, I like to post links to other writers' blogs and their meandering monologues about their experience of this thing called 'writing'.

Well today I'd like to direct you to Si Spurrier's latest blog post about how his latest novel - A Serpent Uncoiled - came to be written. But this recommendation comes with a warning.

I'm aware that some of you who come here to hang out with me and my rambling thoughts are either of tender years or delicate sensibilities and possibly don't choose to read my darker stuff (or aren't allowed!) but even my most macabre outpourings don't have anything on Si's - and that goes for his blog posts too.

So, if you're easily offended by bad language, or the seedy underbelly of human existence in general, then DO NOT click this link. There, you were warned.

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