Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Blog update

So I finished the first draft of another chapter of my latest project today and thought it was time to update the old blog again.

First up, readers of this blog who are also readers of SFX magazine #212 or White Dwarf (Games Workshop's hobby magazine) #380, may have noticed a couple of connections with yours truly in the new issues - or maybe not...

The new White Dwarf is full to bursting with some brilliant new Undead additions to the Warhammer Fantasy milieu*. And the big Vampire Counts update goes under the title of 'The Dead and the Damned'. Well, when a title's that good, why not use it again and again...

There's also a fabulous new piece of terrain in the form of Morr's Garden, and just such a cemetery was the focus of the climax of my novel Necromancer.

And now we come to SFX. The links here are a little more subtle. At the start of the mag, each of the SFX team list their current raves and rants. Rob Power, Editorial Assistant, raves about going to the 2000AD offices in Oxford and then spending a day at the pub. Well, that was with me (SFX's Editor-in-Chief Dave Bradley and Michael Molcher, 2000AD and Abaddon's PR guy) that was. And then right at the back of the mag, the Total Recall article is all about Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. Even though I don't get a mention, my book Curse of the Mummy does, as does Alan Langford, who illustrated my first published book Spellbreaker.

* Expect to see these at some point in the future in Hammer & Bolter, if I can convince the editors with my scintillating new proposal.

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