Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Where I work now

Almost three years ago* I posted on my Unnatural History blog about my workspace, inspired by David Bishop's post on the same subject.

Well I now have a new space in which to work - well, some of the time. There's still some sorting out to be done, but most of my books have been unpacked now, including my collection of Fighting Fantasy books that's been in storage for the last six years.

The Archive

My Games Workshop bookcase- minus a shelf and a half of hardbacks and current project-related material

My writing corner bookcase - one copy of everything I've ever had in print

My Fighting Fantasy collection - Puffin editions (top shelf), Wizard Series 1 (middle shelf), and Wizard Series 2 (bottom shelf)

To celebrate my first afternoon's work in my new office I've recorded a new Vlog answering some of your questions about my books and writing in general. I've also written a guest post for Floor to Ceiling Books (that is scheduled to appear towards the end of September) and a proposal for a new short story. We'll just have to cross our fingers and see how that one goes.

But for now you can enjoy my new Vlog (in two parts) below:

* Three years?!?


Kale said...

Your fighting fantasy shelf... it rivals mine in size :)

Jonathan Green said...

I don't actually have a complete set either!

Jamie Fry said...

Nice one Jon.