Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A plea for help

It would appear that as of 9pm on Sunday (7 August), or thereabouts, my entry on Wikipedia will be deleted, unless the aforementioned entry is improved.

Now I should point out here that I never set up my Wiki entry and am rather busy writing my next book, so if there's anybody out there with the skills and inclination to clean the entry up, I would be eternally grateful.

You never know, you might earn yourself a walk-on part in a future Pax Britannia adventure (or something similar).

Here ends this public service announcement.


John Evans said...

I added a few ISBNs and a link to your blog...I think the main problem is that a lot of stuff in the article isn't sourced. "Green's books are reputed to be among the most difficult in Fighting Fantasy" - Who says this? "Bloodbones is termed "insanely difficult" by one reader" - Where can we find this review? Is there some industry website or publication where they talk about this stuff? If there is, the article needs a link to it. If not, those sentences should be removed. (You can probably get away with a much shorter article if you make sure everything is properly cited!)

You can use webpages you've created, like your blog, for some biographical details. However, it would really help if you have links to other sites talking about you. (Reliable sources, as seen here )

Jonathan Green said...

Hi John

Thanks very much for your help and advice.

Jonathan Green said...

Thanks to everyone who helped with this. Looks like the problem's been resolved.


Jamie Fry said...

Jon, I have made some subtle edits to the site, added some new links and updated others here and there. Most importantly I removed the header that cited removal. fingers crossed you should be okay now.

Cheers Jamie

Jonathan Green said...

Hi Jamie

Thanks very much - that's very kind of you.