Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tie-in Tuesday: PIXELS vs GAME OVER

Well I've finally been to see PIXELS, the Adam Sandler movie inspired by this awesome short film...

PIXELS works on a basic level - there are some great set pieces, particularly the Pac-Man chase - but it demonstrates the kind of sexism that gives gamers a bad name, there are some really crude, misjudged jokes - Serena Williams, you're better than this! Martha Stewart might not be, but you are, Serena - and Josh Gad's sole purpose in the movie appears to be to scream in the most irritating manner for most of the time he's on screen. In a nutshell, somebody really should have hired a writer to work on the script.

Right at the end of the movie, the words 'GAME OVER' flash up on the screen, at which point my son turned to me and said, "Great product placement!"

The good news is that GAME OVER, the horror anthology inspired by classic arcade games - the launch date of which was brought forward to coincide with the release of PIXELS - is still available for your Kindle for a Hall of Fame High-Score Table-busting £1.19. And, as is so often the case, the book is considerably better than the movie.

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