Thursday, 13 August 2015

GAME OVER - Table of Contents

Anybody still wondering whether they should pick up a copy of GAME OVER, here's the full table of contents.

Jonathan Green

The Russian Effect
James Wallis 

Personal Growth
Sarah Peploe

Jonathan Oliver

The Face Of The Deep
Simon Bestwick

It Was Beauty...
Gav Thorpe

Screen Burn
James Swallow

The Animals Inside
Laurel Sills

Welcome To The Pleasuredome
Alexandra Peel

Lines Of Fire
Tim Major

To Those Left Behind
A D Chillman

The Lords Of Unswept Places
George Pickett

Last Life
Michael Carroll

The ebook edition of GAME OVER is still available on Amazon UK for only £1.19, so grab it now before the price goes up!


Jeffrey Dean said...

I cannot figure out what game inspired Personal Growth. It's a very creepy story, but I've played a fair share of old games and I just can't see where it came from.

Jonathan Green said...

Personal Growth was inspired by Centipede.