Saturday, 8 August 2015

Short Story Saturday: GAME OVER - Table of Contents

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed this clock counting down since the end of March, hidden some way down on the right-hand sidebar...


I had mentioned the idea of an anthology of horror stories inspired by classic arcade games to Emma Barnes, publisher at Snowbooks, before. But when I heard about the Adam Sandler vehicle PIXELS (released this coming Wednesday, here in the UK) we hatched a plan to publish our book the same time the movie came out, which meant putting together a brand new book, from scratch, in less than 145 days*.

And I am delighted to say that in four days' time GAME OVER will be ready to ship from the distributors and will be available via Amazon as well as in traditional high street bookshops.

Just to get you even more excited by this prospect, here is the table of contents...

* SHARKPUNK took almost two years!

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