Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Shakespeare Week - Something Rotten...

I was delighted when Adrian Tchaikovsky agreed to contribute to Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu. I was even more delighted when I read his story Something Rotten, and you will be too, when the book is published later this year. Here's a brief extract:
This is not what I told Fortinbras, Prince of Norway, when he arrived with his little band of followers; the desperate adventurer who had heard the Danish royal family was failing and had come to stake his claim.
Well, he has it all now: Norway, Denmark, all of it. And perhaps he sleeps easy, believing what I told him. But he never entered Elsinore., He never saw what I saw, what nobody should have to see. It’s better that way. Let him sleep easy right up until the restless history of that castle returns from that undiscovered country.
You’ve heard the story, of course, the one I told to Fortinbras. I made it lurid and bloody enough that nobody would think to go behind it and find the far more lurid and bloody truth.

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