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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Short Story Saturday: Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu

Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu features squamous takes on a host of famous Shakespeare plays, but possibly the most unusual is #Tempest by fantasy legend Jan Siegel...

Massive storm, ship wrecked in rocky cove. Clouds withdraw to reveal Greek-style desert island. Enter @BeardieWeirdie and @Geekgirl.

I did elucidate
how that my evil brother drove us forth
and is in his own vessel now bewrecked
by my enchanted skills. Markst thou not?

Father, I mark't. I merely wisht to scan
my twitterfeed to see if aught could holp
and if my gentle tweets could soothe their screams

Doubtest thou me? Thinkst thou I would kill
these minor characters thus randomly?
Have I not pow'rs beyond that crude device?
Am I not>

>a veritable Gandalf in my strength
and yet a hobbit in my kindly heart?
All shall survive. E'en my accursèd kin
my brother and his son>


>a likely lad
who may yet heal this deadly fam'ly rift
when his keen gaze doth pierce thy untouched heart.

I have to say that this story in particular would transfer very well to a stage performance. Maybe something to consider for the book's launch later this year...

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