Tuesday 27 February 2024

Tie-in Tuesday: The Darkness Over Arkham

If you would like to read a review copy of The Darkness Over Arkham, my first Arkham Horror gamebook months before it is published, you can apply to be a Netgalley reviewer here.

You are an Arkham Investigator – your choices will decide the outcome of a terrible murder mystery and a sinister plot threatening Arkham – in this brand new gamebook adventure in the world of Arkham Horror.

When a renowned professor is found dead, it’s up to the Investigators of Arkham to discover what occult horrors were involved. Pick your path, Investigator, and collect allies along the way to hunt down his killer before they strike again. However, Arkham is full of mysteries, with many wishing to keep the truth buried, and who are hungry to usher in a new era full of death and darkness to devour the world as you know it. Can you stop them before it is too late?

The Darkness Over Arkham is released in the US and as a global eBook on 7 May 2024, and in the UK on 18 July 2024.

Monday 19 February 2024

Gamebook Monday: Jonathan Green meets Jordan Sorcery

I was recently interviewed by Jordan Sorcery about my work for Fighting Fantasy and the Black Library, and the video went live yesterday. And you can watch it here...

It was nice to be given the opportunity to talk about things people don't often ask me out, such as my involvement with Games Workshop and the early days of the Black Library. However, having watched the interview back, I must apologise for the number of times I use the word 'fun' during the course of our conversation.

Jordan Sorcery has been putting out some fantastic content on his YouTube channel and has interviewed the likes of Sir Ian Livingstone, Rick Priestley, Alessio Cavatore, Gav Thorpe and Andy Chambers, to name but a few. You will also find an interactive history of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks on there.