Friday 26 August 2022

Gamebook Friday: International Gamebook Day 2022

It's been a while coming, but here, just in time for International Gamebook Day 2022 on Saturday 27th August

Thanks to Olly Mc for organising the interviews, to Julian Sparrow for his special Twitch stream, and to James Spearing for arranging the virtual Beer-o. You can even purchase your official International Gamebook merchandise here. Enjoy, everyone!

Friday 19 August 2022

Wish You Were Here?

ACE Gamebooks fan Phil Brumby recently visited Whitby, and just happened to take his copy of Dracula - Curse of the Vampire with him. Judging by the photographs he posted on Facebook (which are reposted here with permission), it was typical English summer weather while he was there.

St Mary's Church, where Mina Murray has an unpleasant encounter with a certain Black Dog.

The view of St Mary's Church and the ruins of Whitby Abbey from West Cliff, with a languid-looking Lucy Westenra.