Sunday 13 May 2012

An Experiment

Okay, so the other day on Twitter I joked that I should have themed days of the week on my blog, since I write so many different things for so many different properties. And that got me thinking...

So starting this week (and possibly ending this week too) I shall be posting news related to particular projects on specific days. (Of course breaking news will get posted as and when, as usual.)

I already have my Thought for the Day on Mondays (let's call it Musing Monday), but this is how the rest of the week is going to go...

Tie-in Tuesday
Posts related to my tie-in work. Everything from Doctor Who to Moshi Monsters. (Yes, the secret's out at last!)

Warhammer Wednesday
All things Black Library, Warhammer 40K as well as Warhammer, short stories as well as gamebooks (and novel-related news too).

Steampunk Thursday
(This is where my alliterative titles come a cropper.) Mainly Pax Britannia-related news, naturally, but also other steampunk-related projects that may - or may not - come about.

Gamebook Friday
(I did think about calling it Fighting Fantasy Friday, for obvious reasons, but that would be too limiting.) Gamebook Adventures, Black Library Path to Victory books... and other gamebook series too. ;-)

Short Story Saturday
News about stories of mine appearing in various anthologies - some small press, some exclusive invitation only projects - book readings, reviews, you name it. Of course this might also include news related to Black Library short stories or Pax Britannia novellas.

Sunday...? Well let's leave Sunday. It is a day of rest after all, and the perfect day to post amusing YouTube clips.

So, see you tomorrow for Musing Monday!

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