Friday, 25 May 2012

Gamebook Friday Part 2: Beneath the City of the White Wolf

Gamebook-related news is clearly like London buses. You wait ages for any at all, and then several items turn up at once (or something like that).

This is what arrived in the post this morning.

Can't wait to read it, but for the time being I need to get back to the world of Warhammer myself and crack on with my Vampire Counts Path to Victory book Shadows over Sylvania...


sch said...

I've noticed that this book has "Path to Victory 2" on its spine. Maybe you know what was the first book in the series? I thought it was "Hive of the Dead", but it has a "Warhammer 40K Gamebook" on it and no mention of "Path to Victory". No info on the Black Library site also.

Jonathan Green said...

Hi Sch

You're right - Hive of the Dead is the first Path to Victory gamebook. Perhaps future editions will have "Path to Victory 1" on the spine.

I expect HERALD OF OBLIVION (my first 40K gamebook) will bear the banner "Path to Victory 3" and SHADOWS OVER SYLVANIA "Path to Victory 4".

sch said...

Thank you! And good luck with your gamebook!

Jonathan Green said...

Or even gamebooks. ;-)