Friday, 25 May 2012

Gamebook Friday Part 3: Some rather big news from Tin Man Games

Surely this has to be the biggest gamebook-related news item of the day.

Tin Man Games and Fighting Fantasy are sure to be the talk of the town* this weekend in Birmingham at the UK Games Expo where both will be in attendance. Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone will be there, talking about their favourite boardgames, and Neil Rennison - the Tin Man himself - will be manning a stand in the dealers' room too, along with Nick Robinson, author of the Judge Dredd Gamebook Adventure Countdown Sector 106, and Yours Truly.

So if you happen to be in Edgbaston this weekend, do stop by the Tin Man Games stand and say "Hi!"

Maybe I'll see you there...

And talking of Tin Man Games, to celebrate their BIG NEWS and ahead of the UK Games Expo, they've got a sale on!

* If that expression doesn't sound too dated!

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