Wednesday 9 December 2009

The Fighting Fantasy Newsletter

The latest official Fighting Fantasy newsletter is out and it's a bumper Christmas edition. Night of the Necromancer gets a mention, as does my Christmas book What is Myrrh Anyway?!

Check it out for yourself here.


kingfede said...

Good news, I hope it will bring us some interesting anticipations about the setting of NotN! I can't wait to read it!

I hope you'll be able to answer to the brief interview I sent you a couple of months ago; of course, all Italian FF fans and I perfectly know how busy you can be, thus we'll confidently wait for your answer. ;)



P.S: my mail is; if you have any problem about the interviwe, just drop a line! :)

Jonathan Green said...


Thanks for the comment, and your patience.

Your interview is steadily moving to the top of my 'To Do' list.