Thursday, 20 May 2010

Rebecca Levene's Cold Warriors Launch Party

So, last night I found myself in the heart of London's theatre-land at the grand-sounding Phoenix Artists Club for the launch of Rebecca Levene's Cold Warriors (Book 1 of The Infernal Game series). And what an excellent night it was too!

Not only did I get to catch up with Bex herself, but we were all treated to an extract from the book read by the very talented Magnus. As well as receiving a glass of wine on entry, I also got given my very own Hermetic Division badge!

The back room at the Phoenix was rammed with guests and fans of Bex's and Abaddon Books and I was very pleased to see copies of Pax Britannia: Blood Royal for sale - and even had to sign a few too, one of which (I believe) will be auctioned online. (I'll let you have more details about t his when I know more myself.)

Rebecca Levene, proudly showing off her latest publication Cold Warriors, with David Moore of Abaddon Books

Amongst those there for the evening were the consumptive Scott Andrews (his new book Children's Crusade was on sale last night), Jenni Hill of Abaddon Books and her very tall beau Mike, and David Moore of Abaddon too (sporting a fantastic Optimus Prime top). I also spent a long time catching up with James Swallow, talking about all things 40K, 30K, audio dramas and how space marines are really stroppy teenage boys. (James's new Horus Heresy novel Nemesis is out later this summer.) And I shared a pint with (well, actually we had a pint each) Pye Parr, ace Pax Britannia designer and (as I discovered last night) Games Workshop geek.

I also got to meet (for the first time) Tom Brown (who I once had dealings with via the Black Library), Jason Arnopp (screenwriter, novelist and journalist), and (almost) met Ben Aaronovitch (who wrote Doctor Who off of the telly in the 80s!).

But a big shout needs to go to Jared Shurin and his delightful wife Anne Perry who organised the evening, had the badges made and generally made sure that everyone had a brilliant time. I was also delighted to be informed by Anne that my reference to Richard Owen in Unnatural History is one of the few positive references she's found to the great man (he gave us the word 'dinosaur, in case you didn't know) in literature. Jared happens to be the guy who won the competition I ran recently and it was very hard not to tell him what I had in store for him on the Moon.

Anne looking at her husband Jared with suitable awe (now that he's sporting a fine Pax Britannia badge). And there's that man David Moore again...

But enough of this bloggery (and shameless name-dropping). It's time to do some work.

Until next time...


David Moore said...

By way of cross-blogging:

Cheers for the pics, Jon.

Jason Arnopp said...

What a splendid pleasure it was to meet you, Sir. Am downloading the iPhone version of Deathtrap Dungeon as we shriek.

Jared said...

Brilliant! Thank you! Lovely meeting you...

Anne Perry said...

I just forced four of my in-laws to go visit Owen's statue at the Natural History Museum this very morning. We all patted his bone. (Not dirty!)

Lovely to meet you! I promise to send you some of Owen's more wonderful quotes sometime - the man had a wicked sense of humor. This is my favorite of them: when reviewing a colleague's work (not Darwin), he wrote "...a ponderous effort to make a simple affair, when rightly understood, a matter of transcendental mystery."

Jonathan Green said...

Hi Anne

That would be great!

I could add an Owen quote of the week to my Pax Britannia blog then. ;-)