Thursday 2 December 2010

Whoa! What did I do?

I've just discovered that last week, this blog received over 1,600 visits - in one week! It usually gets between 200 and 300 hits a week - but 1,600?!? Can I just say that again?

1,600 hits in one week!

There, that's better. When I tried to discover what had happened (and if there was a fault with my visit counter) I discovered that the majority of these visits - 1,099 to be precise! - occurred on one day, Monday 29 November. And what had I posted about the night before? The preview screening of the Ultramarines movie.*

So there you go; it really is a case of who you know. Perhaps I need to review films more often. Now if I could only turn those visits into book sales...

* I think the fact that the DVD release of the movie has been delayed probably helped.

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