Tuesday 17 May 2011

Anno Frankenstein - the first review!

It's officially been out less than a week, but the first review of Anno Frankenstein is already up on Amazon. And a very pleasing review it is too.

One of Abaddon's most inventive series out there is the Pax Britannia and no one does it so well as main author Jonathan Green. You get Steampunk, you get a dandy Flashman like hero and above all else you get a series with a story arc that is not only exciting but one that you just can't put down...

As usual with the author the prose is neat and snappy, the characters a lot of fun to hang around and above all else the dialogue and tips of the hat to modern interpretations alongside other Steampunk outings make this series what it is.

So thanks to Gareth Wilson of Falcata Times for another great review and follow this link to read the rest of it for yourself.

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