Friday, 15 November 2013

Gamebook Friday: Tin Man Games Sale!

Tin Man Games have got another sale on, with the price of many of their Gamebook Adventures slashed by 50% - including Temple of the Spider God!

To find out more, follow this link.


Anonymous said...

Alas and alack; would that I were to give in and buy an iAvoid but that will not happen. I find paper and PDF gamebooks to be far preferable, and it is sad I cannot enjoy Temple of the Spidergod.

However, I am looking forward to Beowulf. When is the Kickstarter scheduled to commence?

Jonathan Green said...

Let me finish the current one first! ;-)

Neil said...

Just to let you know that Temple of the Spider God is also on Android too if you don't have an iAvoid! ;)