Sunday, 31 July 2016

Shakespeare Sunday: Less than 2 weeks until the official Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu launch

Two weeks yesterday sees the official launch of Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu at Forbidden Planet in London, on Saturday 13th August at 1.00pm (GMT).
Register your interest in attending now on Facebook.
Register your interest in attending now on Facebook.
We already have a number of authors and artists who have confirmed that they will be attending, including Andrew Lane, Ian Edginton, Adrian Chamberlin, James Lovegrove, Ed Fortune, Malcolm Barter, Tony Hough and Neil Roberts. So keep spreading the word and maybe I'll see you in two weeks' time.
While we're gearing ourselves up for the official Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu launch, behind the scenes we're also busy preparing all the rewards that will be going out to backers, including T-shirts, art prints and the eShort Lovecraft's Labours Lost
But most exciting of all is that we are expecting delivery of the paperback by the end of the week. Once the books have been checked in at the distributors they will then be sent out to backers. Fingers crossed that they arrive on time!
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