Wednesday 3 August 2016

Happy Anniversary Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland!

Kickstarter kindly emailed me today to let me know that a year ago Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland funded, thanks to you! And what a year it's been!
Working with Kev Crossley for the first time, creating the first in what I hope will become a new series of gamebooks, printer delays, books shipped from Eastern Europe the day before the launch, a unique deck of playing cards created by Saskia Powys, a colouring book that's been phenomenally successful in the United States, and an awards nomination. And then today I was sent these bookmark mock-ups, created by a gamebooks fan!

Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland has received 31 5-star reviews on and, but there's always room for more. ;-)
And what was I working on today, a year on from Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland funding? Why, only the second in the series!
The Kickstarter for The Wicked Wizard of Oz will launch on Saturday 1st October 2016 - or should that be Oztober?


newkinor said...

Hi Jon

Will your series "choose your path adventure" always be based on an already existant author's work or it could be an all entire brand new book which theme could be...your old and attractive project of an adventure in a high security prison ?

Thanks for your answer Jon.

Jonathan Green said...

To be honest, Newkinor, at this stage I don't know. However, I am hoping to add Beowulf Beastslayer to the line. ;-)

Jam Hirons said...

Yes!! Been waiting ages for you to say that lol
keV C up for the artwork again?

Jonathan Green said...

That's the plan! ;-)

Jam Hirons said...

Ok I'm in ;)