Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tie-in Tuesday: Doctor Who and the Cybermen

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#504, November 2016) features the Doctor's second most hated/loved enemy, the Cybermen. It comes with four variant covers, but I had to go with #4, featuring the most up-to-date iterations of the alien cyborgs.

You will be upgraded!

Among the many Cyber-related features gracing its pages is a piece on the different types of Cyberman the Doctor has encountered during the last two millennium/53 years.

The steampunk CyberKing has to be one of my favourite Cyber-creations.
I can't imagine why.

I have always preferred the Cybermen to the Daleks (the #1 Doctor Who villain, although I love Davros) and particularly enjoyed the Tenth Doctor Christmas Special The Next Doctor. If I get the opportunity to write another Doctor Who Choose the Future gamebook, I want it to feature the Cybermen and I have the perfect story for them. So, fingers crossed.

Doctor Who: Choose the Future - Night of the Kraken
If this one sells well, there may be more Choose the Future books in the... future.

As an aside, it is frustrating that DWM doesn't review the Puffin Doctor Who books, while a book about Worzel Gummidge is, just because it starred John Pertwee post-Who. As far as I am aware the magazine doesn't even include the Puffin titles in the 'Coming Soon' section.

It's frustrating not only because the Doctor Who books I've written are all for Puffin but also because a few more reviews and increased exposure who doubtless help boost sales. It's as if they're not considered real Doctor Who books, whereas everything I submit has to be approved by the Cardiff production office, just like the Big Finish audios or Ebury's DW novels.

So come on DWM - how about featuring the Puffin titles in future?

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