Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hacking the Curriculum

Available now from John Catt Educational Ltd is Hacking the Curriculum: Creative Computing and the Power of Play, written by Digital Schoolhouse Director, Shahneila Saeed, and godfather of the UK games industry, Ian Livingstone CBE.

In Hacking the Curriculum, the authors explain the critical importance of coding and computing in modern schools - and offer teachers and school leaders real practical guidance on how to improve their current provision to a generation of youngsters for whom digital skills are critical.

The reason I mention the book here is because I contributed a chapter to the book, co-written with Mr Livingstone, called 'Interactive Fiction in Education'.

Here's what reviewers have had to say about the book so far:

"Education is the future and this is the future of education. Essential reading." ~ Amazon.co.uk

"This should be compulsory reading for anyone in teacher training. Not only does it clearly articulate the need for computer science in schools, but also gives practical advice for non-technical teachers." ~ Amazon.co.uk

"The book is at its best when it offers these simple, applicable ideas to teachers. One particular surprise was the chapter on interactive fiction by Livingstone and fellow Fighting Fantasy author Jonathan Green. Whilst this initially appeared as self-indulgent (especially given that Livingstone’s other works are mentioned throughout too) Livingstone and Green make a good attempt at demonstrating how works of interactive fiction such as The Forest of Doom (1983) might be used in a classroom setting to link literacy with the new computing curriculum." ~ Games Research Network

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