Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Warhammer Wednesday: Inferno! Volume 4 Review

During to the Coronavirus lockdown, a lot of people have been catching up on their reading, and that includes The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer. The latest review to go up is of Inferno! Volume 4, which features my own Thousand Sons short story Journey of the Magi, and it makes for very pleasant reading*.

"I was both surprised and delighted to see Jonathan Green’s name in the Table of Contents, because he was one of the first Black Library authors I ever read; The Dead and the Damned remains perhaps my favourite Warhammer Fantasy (now Warhammer Chronicles, I suppose) novels of all time. So I was curious to see what Journey of the Magi would deliver, and was intrigued to find a slow-paced, atmospheric and multi-layered tale revolving around three sorcerors from the Thousand Sons Legion landing on a seemingly-abandoned planetoid in search of a prize buried in the depths of a strange temple. While the trio breach its external defences easily enough, they soon find that the metallic, undying defenders inside have no intention of allowing them an easy journey. I appreciated the old-school feel of the story, with some detailed descriptions of the three sorcerers, their powers and the complex relationship between them, but also the way in which Green deftly brought the plot up to date with the latest lore and canon. It’s a striking story written with a narrative richness I think is unique to Green, as is the ending which deploys twist after twist to create a complex yet deeply rewarding story that immediately bears fruit from re-reading after finishing."

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* Especially when I am currently busy writing another new short story.

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