Saturday, 16 May 2020

The Con+3 Emergency Fundraiser

Last year I donated some prizes to the Con+2 online convention. This year's convention has been brought forward from October to now, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Here's a wizard to tell you more...

The Butterfly Project is going the extra mile to provide basic necessities for the nearby slum districts during their COVID-19 lockdown. However, due to Ugandan laws The Butterfly Project is really struggling with this. Currently there is no one else supplying aid to these people, so the need for donations really is urgent this year.

To help raise money for The Butterfly Project people and companies within the gaming industry have donated prizes for the Con+3 giveaway. If you check out the sponsors page you will see that I have donated three ACE Gamebooks prizes.

Con+3 is running all this weekend, 16th-17th May, so make sure you check it out and find out how to take part here.

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