Wednesday, 28 July 2021

RONIN 47 has funded on Kickstarter!

I am very pleased to report that earlier today RONIN 47 funded on Kickstarter! Thank you to everyone who has pledged their support to the project so far, and if you haven't, there's still time.

The Kickstarter funding means that not only can Snowbooks go ahead and publish the seventh ACE Gamebook next year, it will also feature 15 full-page illustrations by Neil Googe, as well as the filler pictures you may have already seen dotted around the Kickstarter project page.

There goes Tokyo!

If you are a fan of comics, especially the UK anthology title 2000AD, you will already be familiar with Neil's work from such strips as Survival Geeks and Cadet Dredd.

Now that RONIN 47 has funded, we can start talking about Stretch Goals. Many of these come in the form of special bonus pin-up pieces of art by other stalwarts of the British and international comics scene.

If we achieve the first two, it will mean that the collector's hardback edition of RONIN 47 will feature bonus art by Nikolai Dante's Simon Fraser, and Killing Time's Chris Weston.

So, you know what to do - go tell all your friends to back RONIN 47 on Kickstarter today!

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