YOU ARE THE HERO - 40th Anniversary Edition Late Pledges

If you would like to place a Late Pledge to the recently-funded YOU ARE THE HERO - 40th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter, simply select the reward you would like from those listed below and then click on the appropriate 'Buy Now' button.

** Please note - postage is not included and will need to be paid for later, when your reward is ready to be shipped. **

The SHAPE CHANGER, FIRE DEMON, and KING GILLIBRAN rewards all include a signed copy of YOU ARE THE HERO - An Interactive History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, along with the following:

  • 40th anniversary pin badge
  • two Kickstarter-exclusive dice
  • eBook edition of the 40th anniversary edition of YOU ARE THE HERO
  • exclusive digital wallpapers
  • your name in the Acknowledgements
  • our grateful thanks - may your STAMINA never fail!

Signed Softback

Signed Hardback

Signed Faux Red Leather Hardback



jesmik said...

Any cance læste-back the ebook version? Sincerely Jesper

Andrew Morris said...

The timing of this is some kind of karma. I rewatched The Box of Delight in the lead up to Christmas just gone. Since New Year I started rebuilding and expanding my gamebook collection. Collected most of them now 1-55 and 60-71. I originally stopped around 36 with FF. Just got Howl of the Werewolf today for a reasonable price, very much looking forward to reading it. Now if there was one of your FF books you could rework or expand which would it be and why? Keep up the great work Mr Green, may your stamina never fail.

Jonathan Green said...

Hi Jesmik
Please email me at

Hi Andrew
In general, I'm not interested in retreading old ground; I would rather write a new gamebook than re-edit an old one. That said, there are all sorts of things I would like to fix in a number of my gamebooks. Not having to fail an attribute test to succeed (Spellbreaker), not having so many high SKILL opponents to overcome (Knights of Doom), not making the adventure so convoluted and hard (Curse of the Mummy), not having so many instadeath dice rolls, especially towards the end (Bloodbones), Mount Pyre (Stormslayer).