Thursday, 11 November 2010

M is for Monster - buy your signed copy today!

This afternoon I had my ordered copies of M is for Monster delivered, courtesy of fellow contributor Adrian Chamberlain. Thanks again, Ade.

This means that M is the Monster is now available to buy, direct, from me. And, of course, any copy purchased will be signed by yours truly and may even include one or two other freebies.

You can purchase your copy here.

In the meantime, if you need a little more persuading, here's the blurb from the back of the book.

Monsters and creatures and horrors, oh my...

With each letter of the alphabet comes a different monster, and with each turn of the page comes a new foray into another author's sinister imaginings. From new twists on traditional favourites to modern glimpses into lesser-known mythology, from time-honoured staples of the horror genre to never-before-seen-beasts of the authors' design, these twenty-six tales take you on a wild roller-coaster tour of wicked conjuration.

A shrieking banshee of the High Moor... a seductive (and deadly) incubus spirit... a ghastly lot of blood-frenzied hogs... a biblical giant whose side of the story has never been told... the sword-slinging God of War himself... a vampire, a demon, a jabberwock, and a whole hellish host of other creatures and fiends known only by a few...

It's all jam-packed inside M IS FOR MONSTER: An Alphabetical Anthology of Abominations. Twenty-six international authors, twenty-six diverse tales. Legend and lore the world 'round have come together to bring this collection to chilling, spine-tingling life.

And the alphabet has never been so frightening.


Susannah Rickards said...

Jonathan, is it suitable for 8 year olds who are not easily scared but whose mother censors violence and swearing pretty strictly? (That's me btw.)

Anmd are you launching/signing anywhere near Kingston/Richmond so my boys can come along?



Jonathan Green said...

Hi Susannah

Despite its name, font design and cover image this is most definitely an adult book and in no way suitable for 8 year old boys, or anyone of a nervous disposition really. Sorry.

You'd be safer sticking to my Doctor Who books. The Horror of Howling Hill came out a couple of years ago and I've got another one coming out next September.