Monday, 11 June 2012

Mission: Games Workshop - Chiswick

I was excited to learn (a months ago now) that Chiswick would be getting its very own Games Workshop store. I was sorry to see the Hammersmith branch close down (several years ago now) and I used to work in Chiswick so knew there was a market for the hobby down W4 way.

So, anyway, yesterday I dropped by the store with my youngest - who was very excited by the Black Library free sampler - and chatted to store manager Billy Burrows. What really impressed me was that Billy remembered me from a passing visit to the Kensington GW store last November and even remembered that my first Warhammer 40K gamebook Herald of Oblivion is out soon. So kudos to Billy.

I then spotted a copy of Monstrous Arcanum at the bottom of the Black Library bookshelf which got me very excited, especially the page about the Khemric Titan. Maybe some other day...

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