Friday, 29 June 2012

Gamebook Friday - Part 2: The Greatest Evil Genius Within the World of Fantasy Gamebooks

The Tin Man* directed me to this exhaustive playthrough/review of my Gamebook Adventure Temple of the Spider God the other day.

The best part of it, as far as I'm concerned, is this quote in reference to myself (which will probably end up at the top of the page on this very blog):

"Quite possibly the greatest evil genius within the world of Fantasy gamebooks - I like to think that's a wonderful compliment."

I've never been called an evil genius before!

And in case you're wondering what Temple of the Spider God is like (it's coming out for Android platforms later this year) check out these reviews, facts and figures.

"An adventure that will keep fans of the genre spellbound... A splendidly written interactive fantasy story that will keep you hooked until the very end... If a Gamebook Adventure is what you're after, you'd be hard-pressed to do better than this." - POCKETGAMER (8 out of 10 review)

"A series of lovingly crafted and extremely well-written interactive fantasy novels." - THE GUARDIAN

• Pocket Gamer 2012 Awards Best Adventure/RPG Game nominee!
• Best App Ever Awards 2011 2nd place!
• #1 ranked iPad Dice Game in 10 countries and top #10 ranked iPad RPG Game in 15 countries.
• Top #5 ranked iPhone Dice Game in 16 countries and top #10 RPG Game in 7 countries including US, UK, Canada and Australia!

You can currently purchase Temple of the Spider God for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad here.

* That's Neil Rennison of Tin Man Games for those of you not in the know.

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