Wednesday 6 June 2012

Warhammer Wednesday: Shadows over Sylvania

As anyone who follows me on Twitter (@jonathangreen) will probably already know by now, I am currently working on a Warhammer Path to Victory gamebook for Black Library. And seeing as how it's Warhammer Wednesday, I thought I'd give you a taster of what I've been writing*.

But there is one thing – one presence – that dominates this chamber. On the far side stands the remnants of what must have once been a carved stone throne, the granite stained almost black with dried blood and a myriad skulls heaped around it.

More crouched within, rather than seated upon, this macabre throne is a pallid-skinned abomination, mutated by its troglodytic existence and debased diet. As broad across the shoulders as an ogre and with thick bony spines bursting from its back, its fingers elongated claws, the creature is a devolved and hate-filled horror. And yet it still holds dominion here.

As you enter the chamber the Ghoul King rips the head from the corpse of a woman, clad in the fine garb of a lady, and slurps congealing blood from the stump of her neck.

Finishing its meal, it lowers the blood-drained body and fixes you with a furious jaundiced stare. 'Who dares enter the court of the King in Crimson and disturb our feast?’ the abomination slavers, its voice little more than a bloody gargle.

All being well, Shadows over Sylvania will see print before the end of the year.

* Warning! This is unedited and only the first draft, and may well not appear in this form in the finished book. But it does give you a taster of what to expect.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jonathan,

Love your books, just one question. According to the Previews (The very same I tracked this to) it should be realised in October. However, looking at the black Libery website, Shadows over Sylvania is none existing?


Jonathan Green said...

Hi Anonymous

Thanks for your kind comments.

I'm disappointed that Shadows over Sylvania hasn't been released this month too.

I'm told that it will now be published next March for reasons that are beyond my control.

In my opinion, for what it's worth, it's a shame that a book about vampires won't be out in time for Halloween.