Saturday, 9 June 2012

Short Story Saturday: Free Fiction

Exciting news from Pandemonium Fiction:

142 years ago today, Charles Dickens passed away. However, his legacy lives on... often in unexpected ways.

Fire collects three short pieces of the Dickensian Weird. Tom Loock's "A Tale of Cities Two" sheds new light on the preface to a classic story, Harry Markov's "The Tracks That Tower Over Valleys" is a parable (and adventure) of burning needs and social conscience and Oz Vance does... something quite odd... with "Sketches by Zob".

Three new voices in three original stories – and completely free for this weekend only!

Stories of the Smoke, collecting seventeen new tales of London and Dickens (including my tale Necropolis), is also available for the Kindle now. The limited edition hardback can now be purchased through Forbidden Planet.

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