Saturday, 9 June 2012

Short Story Saturday: Black Library shorts

At the last count, I think I've written about 16 conventional short stories* for the Black Library, set within the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. And I have a 17th coming out this autumn as part of Treacheries of the Space Marines.

Several of my previously published BL short stories are now available for download as eBooks. So to get you in the mood for the forthcoming Liberator, why not check out one of my previous Space Marine stories, or even one of my Warhammer tales?

The Relic
As Ghazghkull Thraka’s second invasion engulfs Armageddon, Dreadnought Brother Jarold leads warriors from the Black Templars Chapter in battle against the greenskins in the frozen Dead Lands. Following a distress beacon, they find another Dreadnought in the ice, buried for half a century. When the orks attack en masse, the two Dreadnoughts make a last stand against the bestial invaders.

But Dust in the Wind
Investigating a distress signal from an ice-shrouded mining colony, Space Marines of the Imperial Fists find themselves outnumbered and surrounded by the soulless necrons. Facing impossible odds, the Imperial Fists struggle desperately to find a way to survive.

Sir Dagobert's Last Battle
A small Bretonnian village is menaced by greenskin raiders – only a renowned Grail Knight stands against the horde. Unfortunately, he has been dead for years…

Mark of the Beast
Torben Badenov and his band of warriors hunt a tribe of beastmen who are harrying the Empire. Little do they suspect that treachery awaits them when they find the beasts…

 * So not including any of the colour text pieces I wrote for the old Army Books and Codexes.

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