Sunday, 1 July 2012

JG at the Small Press Expo at Forbidden Planet

On Saturday I spent a very couple of hours at Forbidden Planet as part of the Small Press Expo. Although I was there as a guest of Pandemonium Fiction/Jurassic London, it was great to meet the guys behind the other micro publishing houses that were represented, including Newcon Press, Snowbooks and Myrmidon Books.

Books were signed, books were sold, contacts were made, and cakes were eaten. And then we all went to the pub!

So thanks to FP's Danie Ware for organising the event, and Jared Shurin and Anne Perry of Jurassic Park/Pandemonium Fiction/Pornokitsch for inviting me. And next time there's a Small Press Expo at Forbidden Planet, why not drop by yourself?

 Anne Perry and Jared Shurin of Pandemonium Fiction/Jurassic London

 Yours Truly earning his keep (or rather cakes and name badge) signing the hardback edition of Stories of the Smoke

 Marie O'Regan, Paul Kane and David Moore - editors and authors all

 Ian Whates signing, and Greg James browsing

 A very pleasing selection of Pax Britannia novels on sale at Forbidden Planet London

 Unleash the dinosaurs!

 Newcon Press and Snowbooks at the Small Press Expo

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