Saturday 28 July 2012

Mission: Games Workshop - Salisbury again

It's been a while since I last dropped by the Salisbury GW store (for one reason or another) but I made it back there today and was very impressed with the new layout. And it wasn't only the store that had had a make-over - Manager Anthony and Full Timer Matt had too!

Whilst there I had a thumb through of the new White Dwarf and picked up the new Black Library Previews Catalogue, uttering the famous last words, "even though I'm not in this one" - completely forgetting that my second Path to Victory gamebook Shadows over Sylvania would be included (and I'm also in the anthology Treacheries of the Space Marines, of course).

The mocked-up cover looks cool (in fact I'd be very happen if this was the final cover) and the write-up should get any warm-blooded Warhammer fans excited about the gamebook:

You are a vampire, a shadow-clad terror of the night. Vlad von Carstein, the closest your cursed breed had to a leader, is dead, killed at the gates of Altdorf by the head of the Imperial Sigmarite church. Now your kind fight amongst themselves, each desperate to grab the power that Vlad held. You have been sent by your dark master to retrieve three powerful artefacts - a sword, a ring and a chalice - that are prophesied to provide the wielder with ultimate power. With other vampires ahead of you and the witch hunters of the Empire at your heels, can you claim the artefacts and unite the armies of Sylvania?

Shadows over Sylvania will be released this October as a Black Library Direct Exclusive.

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kingfede said...

Wonderful! This one seems really cooooool! Can't wait to read it!