Saturday, 21 July 2012

Short Story Saturday: Treacheries of the Space Marines

My Black Library releases are rather like London buses: nothing for ages and then two come along at once.

On Wednesday I received my author copies of Herald of Oblivion (my first Warhammer 40K gamebook) and then the very next day I received my contributor copies of Treacheries of the Space Marines.

I've not spoken about this book much yet. Here's the blurb from the back cover.

The Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes are the defenders of mankind, the ultimate superhuman brotherhood standing against the evils of the galaxy. But even among their hallowed ranks, there are those who would turn their backs on their brothers and follow the path of the traitor. Gathered within these pages, you will find tales from the dark side of the Imperium – remember, that which can defend, can also betray...

New York Times bestselling editor Christian Dunn presents a selection of short stories from some of Black Library’s finest authors: Anthony Reynolds, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Matthew Farrer, Sarah Cawkwell and many more*.

My story is called Liberator, and if you've read the most recent iteration of the Chaos Space Marines Codex then you may already have an idea as to who the story is about...

Treacheries... is available for pre-order now, although it isn't actually scheduled for release until October**.

Of course in the real world, my two most recent BL releases are Herald of Oblivion and The Best of Hammer and Bolter: Volume 1, which features my Warhammer story Sir Dagobert's Last Battle.

Such is the way of publishing. I'm currently working on a book that should see the light of day before the end of the year whereas the project I finished yesterday won't see print until well into 2013.

As usual, I'm one of the 'many more'.

** Although I expect it may well be available early at this year's UK Games Day, where you will also be able to pick up physical copies of Herald of Oblivion (and maybe even Iron Hands or The Armageddon Omnibus).

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