Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mike Singleton, Lord of Midnight, RIP

I was very sorry to hear the news today that Mike Singleton, the father of home computing, passed away last Wednesday after losing the battle against cancer.

In case you don't know, Mike designed The Lords of Midnight, an epic RPG adventure for the 8-bit generation. I was once given Doomdark's Revenge (the follow-up game to Midnight) for my ZX Spectrum, but the kind family member who bought it for me purchased the wrong edition of the game (or something) and so I never actually played it.

But I still remember how excited I was by the review of the game I had read and its distinctive screenshots.

If I had played the game, I'm sure it would have been another influence on the nascent game designer within me.

You can read more about this sad new both here, and here. But in the mean time, tonight, when you sit down to rest within your feasting hall, raise a tankard of mead to Mike, the Lord of Midnight.

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