Saturday, 6 October 2012

Short Story Saturday: Finish something!

I seem to have short stories coming out of my ears at the moment. More and more people keep asking me to write them and I've already got a whole load of projects on my plate.

I'm not complaining, it's just ironic. The reason? At the start of this year Lavie Tidhar told me I should write more short stories. This led to me intending to make that my New Year's resolution - to write twelve short stories in 2012. Then I decided that would be unrealistic, so best make it twelve writing jobs.

Turns out now that I may well end up writing twelve short stories in 2012, and I passed the twelve writing jobs mark months ago. Which brings me to the point of this post...

If you have any aspirations to become published yourself, finish something! It's no good leaving a job half done. What you write might not be ready for publication yet, but if you can't see something through to the end you're never going to be a published writer*. And that's my distilled worldly wisdom for the day.

Which reminds me, with about five projects on the go at once** I'd best get back to work.

Until next time...

* Not 'published author', since all authors are published by the very fact they are called authors. And not 'aspiring writer' either. You write, if you're going to be a writer; you don't aspire to write. I could aspire to be an astronaut - doesn't mean it's gonna happen!

** In other words 'the norm'.

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