Saturday 13 October 2012

Why Amazon reviews matter

A change from the usual Short Story Saturday post to bring you this...

If you've enjoyed something of mine you've read - whether it's a short story in an anthology or a novel, or even a gamebook - please try to spend a couple of minutes posting a review on Amazon. It only needs to be a couple of sentences long.

The reason for this simple request is this. Amazon employs software that monitors numbers of reviews. The more good reviews a book has, the more Amazon pushes it, which hopefully results in more sales for the author. It's the digital equivalent of the old Word of Mouth, and publishers are agreed that there's no better way to sell books than by Word of Mouth.

So if you liked something, please take two minutes (or maybe five) to write a customer review. It really is appreciated, you know? And of course the more books I sell, the more I can write, and the more stories you'll get to enjoy.

And this concludes our public service announcement. Thank you.

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