Sunday, 7 October 2012

This is Horror: Hanging out with me at Blackwell's in November

As some of you with long memories may remember, I was interviewed earlier this year by This is Horror (back when I only had 35 books to my name, as opposed to 40, as I do now).

Well, I'm very pleased to inform you that the next This Is Horror event will take place at Blackwell’s Charing Cross, London branch on Friday 16 November 2012. Kicking off promptly at 6pm and running through until 8pm, the evening celebrates the launch of Joseph D’Lacey’s forthcoming, Blood Fugue.

The event also features readings from Arthur C. Clarke award-winner, Pat Cadigan, and the creator of Abaddon Books’ Pax Britannia steampunk universe, Jonathan Green (apparently). Proceedings will be curated by the voice of horror himself, m'colleague Jasper Bark.

So stick 16 November in your diary, and maybe I'll see some of you there...

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