Monday 9 November 2009

Black Library

My work for the Black Library includes six novels and numerous short stories. I wrote the Warhammer novels The Dead and the Damned (2002), Magestorm (2004) and (2005), and the Warhammer 40,000 novels NecromancerCrusade for Armageddon (2003), Iron Hands (2004) and Conquest of Armageddon (2005).

My most recent work for the Black Library is a short story entitled The Relic and will appear in the new short story collection Legends of the Space Marines (published April 2010).


green tunic said...

I know nothing about warhammer. I randomly came across Necromancer a few years ago. I really enjoyed everything about it. The character development, the traveling between towns, the thrill of spying on the necromancer. I still have very strong images of the book. I am looking for a similar feeling to that book. Most reviews say other warhammer books are action packed. I want to read something more ghostly and thrilling like Necromancer. Would I recieve that from your other works, or other warhammer book? Do you know of other series likes it that maybe you found inspiration in?

Jonathan Green said...

Hi Green Tunic

Thanks for dropping by.

There are a huge number of Warhammer books out there and quite a variety to boot.

To be honest, I'm not entirely up to speed on current releases, so am not sure which other titles would suit you best.

However, if you're looking for something more ghostly and thrilling like Necromancer, might I suggest you try my Pax Britannia novels. They're not ghostly exactly - there are in fact steampunk adventures - but each one is a thriller with plenty of mysteries to be solved.

You can check out the PB books at my dedicated PB blog:

Happy reading!

Scion_of_Balance said...

Greetings Mr. Green. Let me first say I love the Black Library and the mythos of the Warhammer 40K Universe. I very much enjoyed Conquest and Crusade for Armageddon. Kudos sir. I resently submitted a short story to the BL about an agent of the Officio Assassinorum. Unfortunately, I'm new to the wonderful world of writing, and sadly, unpublished. To be honest, working for the Black Library is my life's dream. I lack formal training and the funds to procure such training, but my writing skills are strong (at least, I would like to think so...). I want nothing more than to become a regular contributing author for the BL, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make my lofty dream a triumphant reality. Mr. Green, you have accomplished what I can only fantasize about, and you have done so quite brillantly. Having intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the industry, the BL in particular, I was wondering if you have any sage like advise for a dreamer such as I? Anything would help. I can't stress enough how much I want this. All I need is a good, hard push in the right direction.

Many Thanks


Jonathan Green said...

Hi Scion

First off, let me apologise for my *very* tardy reply. Now to business...

The best way to break into writing for the Black Library is to keep an eye on the website and check when the window for open submissions opens.

The Black Library now has a couple of such windows each year. The submissions window was opened again during October for submissions specifically for the upcoming Treacheries of the Space Marines anthology.

Check out this link to find out more: