Monday 2 November 2009


Good news, Fighting Fantasy fans! Bloodbones, one of my older FF adventures is going to be re-printed and re-packaged next year to bring it into line with the new look FF adventures, such as the brand new Stormslayer and forthcoming Night of the Necromancer.

And here's the brand spanking new look cover!

And here's a little more about the adventure (for the benefit of those not already in the know)...

Bloodbones lives! Cinnabar, evil Pirate-Lord and scourge of the twelve seas, is back from the dead and seeking revenge with the dark powers of voodoo at his command. Only YOU can stop the pirate captain and his crew of bloodthirsty cut-throats.

In this fantastic new adventure you are a heroic sailor seeking revenge on one of the most feared pirate-lords of Titan 'Cinnabar', a creature without remorse, a murderer, and a follower of the bloodthirsty voodoo death-god Quezkari, whose mark is the black skull.

Having sworn to have your vengeance against Cinnabar, for the past six years you have sailed the seas of Titan never forgetting a promise you made to yourself a decade ago. Throughout the years you have spent at sea you have learned more and more about Cinnabar and this information eventually leads you to Ruddlestone and the notorious Port of Crabs.

Prepare to set sail on the adventure of a lifetime.

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kingfede said...

Good news! :)

Just a brief question: are you going to modify something to make the book slightly easier or will it be the same appeared three years ago?