Tuesday 10 January 2012

Writers round-up

New year, new round-up, starting with...

Cavan Scott, on hating your current work in progress. Reading this, I was reminded of Tony Jordan's comment when asked if he liked writing: 'No. I like having written.'

Lavie Tidhar's had a busy year, which you can read about here. And so has Dan Abnett.

Lately, inspired by New Year's resolutions, William King has written an interesting post on the subject of changing habits.

And Juliet E. McKenna has been posting on the subject of awards and self-promotion. (All I'll say on this matter at the moment is if I was eligible for the Legend Award I'd damn well make sure everyone knew about it.)

To end with, here's a comment from the Script Doctor on Facebook:

'Write what you know' is probably the stupidest advice you'll ever hear. 'Don't write what you don't know' is some of the best.

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